Pingback on a Pingback

Can’t say I’ve ever grasped how pingbacks work – just that they mysteriously appear from time to time. But here’s a timely one just arrived on a cold windy day in Perth where one’s mind turns to… Cornish pasties (for which I once wrote a a nostalgic ode – see below)) The pingback?  Preview of theContinue reading “Pingback on a Pingback”

A tale of two double speed economies.

A newly released report on the privations of those worst-affected in Australia’s two speed economy offers an apt foil for tomorrow’s parable of the workers in the vineyard. The working poor of Victoria are the focus of this Uniting Church report, particularly those contracted as cleaners in large suburban shopping centres. What is analysed inContinue reading “A tale of two double speed economies.”

The Guard: Movie Review

The Guard focuses on a maverick Irish cop based in  picturesque County Galway, where Gaelic is the language of preference. With a nod to more permissive times, a well known Anglo Saxon word  serves prolifically throughout the English dialogue. In fact the length of the script would be halved if the F-bomb were extracted. Brendan GleesonContinue reading “The Guard: Movie Review”

Sneezin’ Season

Luxuriant spring growth brought on by good winter rains means more pollen in the air. Consequently I peer at this screen through bleary eyes while breathing through an itchy and runny proboscis. The old “ring of pineapple” on the morning muesli trick, with its natural anti histamines, is obviously overwhelmed today. So over to you,Continue reading “Sneezin’ Season”

Calculating Seventy Times Seven?

Image via Wikipedia Some folk are fond of saying that the teachings of Jesus are impossible to live. “How often should I forgive – seven times?” asked Peter (no doubt believing himself to be typically magnanimous) “Pffft!”, replies Jesus, “not seven. Try seventy times seven!” This was yesterday’s lection, and Ben Smith, our guest speaker,Continue reading “Calculating Seventy Times Seven?”

9/11 reflections

We haven’t mentioned it much today, but it’s there in the background. We all know precisely where we were and what we were doing when the planes hit the towers. We know that the world with which we are most familiar – the privileged, secure world of unquestioned entitlement  – took a turn towards aContinue reading “9/11 reflections”

Asylum seekers: What was really said …

    In all fairness, I should follow up yesterday’s post with this: Asylum seekers: Andrew Metcalfe’s controversial remarks | Crikey. Doesn’t alter the fact that we need to go back to the drawing board for fair treatment of those who reach our shores claiming asylum. The secrecy and criminilisation that is current needs to beContinue reading “Asylum seekers: What was really said …”