When does free speech become license?

Today’s court ruling against journalist Andrew Bolt’s critical printed comments in relation to fair-skinned Aborigines has again ignited the “freedom of speech” debate: Ruling against Andrew Bolt will harm healthy debate, say libertarians | Herald Sun. The libertarian position that all speech should be unshackled, un-monitored, uncensored is frought with problems. Generally, I am quite happyContinue reading “When does free speech become license?”

Vicarious Pilgrimage – the Camino de Santiago

I’ve always enjoyed the long distance walks of John and Marilyn. I can do it all from the comfort of my chair. Two years ago they walked the full distance of the Bibbulman Track – I traced every inch of their journey over my own maps which have been waiting like an expectant pooch withContinue reading “Vicarious Pilgrimage – the Camino de Santiago”

Doodling vindicated

My schoolboy doodling habit faded sometime ago – not the least because of my being caught up in the digital revolution. It’s much easier to scrawl absent-mindedly on what ever surface is available if you have a pen in hand rather than an android. The inner censor, well trained by censorious school masters/mistresses, also inhibitedContinue reading “Doodling vindicated”

A benchmark for the ‘new’ atheism

Recent discourse between theist and non-theist positions has been strident – not the least because the platform has been the very wide educational one, both public and private. Government funding of chaplains, indeed the existence of chaplains, teaching of scripture, the saying of prayers, adding faith specific verses to the national anthem – all haveContinue reading “A benchmark for the ‘new’ atheism”

Time our pollies just stopped…period

        I concur. Christmas Island administrator wants end to bickering – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). We have the ludicrous situation where a Labor government is pressing for the most draconian offshore detention procedures with a conservative opposition pleading humanitarian concerns for blocking the legislation – and each blaming the other forContinue reading “Time our pollies just stopped…period”

Slow news day at The West Australian

Schools change national anthem – The West Australian. Come on now! I’m prepared to discuss with some give and take the relevance of CRE to the state school curriculum, Federal funding for chaplaincy and whether or not the Lord’s Prayer has a place in public life and education, but I’m surprised anyone would want toContinue reading “Slow news day at The West Australian”

The Green Thing – a Senior’s Lament

As a card carrying environmentalist, I can see the humour in this wry lament sent to me this morning by one of my long-suffering flock, who has herself been involved in several cane-toad busting expeditions in our state’s north east and has spent the last two weeks organising conservation measures on Rottnest Island: In the line atContinue reading “The Green Thing – a Senior’s Lament”

Business, footy and change

Since last Thursday, the airwaves in the world’s most isolated capital city have been abuzz with the goings on at the Fremantle Football Club, which fields the AFL Docker’s team. Somewhat abruptly, following a mediocre season plagued with player injury, the board sacked the popular senior coach. Community outrage from club members and the widerContinue reading “Business, footy and change”

Too many keys…

… hanging from your key chain can prematurely wear out your ignition. “Partly true” says Snopes (my favourite urban legend check site) – especially for Volkswagens. Looking back over my early beetle and then Kombi days I did not necessarily find this to be so. True, I only had the beetle during my last yearContinue reading “Too many keys…”

Musing on Writer’s Block

Here we are 3/4 of the way through the year of postaday2011 and I’m hit with a severe case of writers’ block. The conventional wisdom is that you sit down and write anyway, even if it is about nothing. Apparently the discipline of so acting is supposed to “release the cork” and wonderfully creative proseContinue reading “Musing on Writer’s Block”