High Court quashes Malaysia deal

… but I fear it’s not time to break out the champagne yet. My feeling right now is one of relief at expectations vindicated. The Malaysia deal was immoral even before it was illegal. Today’s High Court decision that effectively prevents the government from proceeding with the Malaysia refugee swapping deal presents at least oneContinue reading “High Court quashes Malaysia deal”

Riding the winds of change

Image by twicepix via Flickr     Just as one of the biggest mining corporations canes our state government for not entertaining the possibility of nuclear power (vested interests?), we see this announcement: Japanese breakthrough will make wind power cheaper than nuclear | MNN – Mother Nature Network. Renewable energy becomes more viable and more accessibleContinue reading “Riding the winds of change”

Fooling around with themes…

It must be a sign of the Monday blah’s. A busy weekend capped off with a burst hot water system leaves one in  the “spaced out” zone and difficult to focus on anything. Preparation work sits on my desk thumbing its nose at me. I just stare at it uncomprehendingly. Only one thing for itContinue reading “Fooling around with themes…”

Religion and republicanism in Australian politics – Eureka Street

Image via Wikipedia         It’s blog-lite today as this weekend’s heavy schedule descends. Eureka Street often comes in to fill a gap at such times as it often is the medium that reflects most closely my own position (with some exceptions). I would probably want to spend some time, should it beContinue reading “Religion and republicanism in Australian politics – Eureka Street”

1 is too many

Australia’s asylum seeker detention culture is very much under scrutiny. The High Court deliberates whether it is in the government power to alleviate pressure on the system through a ‘people-swapping deal’ with Malaysia.The outcome of the case will also have an impact on some backup strategies for warehousing refugees in other off-shore centres. And inContinue reading “1 is too many”

Appealing to the ‘better angels of our nature’

As we head towards refugee Sunday, Eureka Street offers some worthy material for reflection, e.g. Improving the refugee debate – Eureka Street. It well makes the point that multiculturalism, the so called bête noir of our times is really of little account. This reflects a lunch-time conversation from which I have just emerged, where a bunchContinue reading “Appealing to the ‘better angels of our nature’”

What on earth are they thinking?

Why can’t our government get it right with asylum seekers who arrive by boat? The lawfulness of the disgraceful Malaysia deal is being tested before the full bench of the High Court today. This morning’s headlines in the West Australian were like a breeze of fresh air through the stench of indifference and acrimony thatContinue reading “What on earth are they thinking?”