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Wagging it from church while on holidays, we turned to what other waggers often confess to me – that’s right “Songs of Praise“.
A stand-up comedian was being interviewed on the role of her faith as she laboured on a demanding routine of gigs. I was intrigued – I see many similarities in our respective crafts – gauging an audience and holding it, ascertaining whether material is “connecting”, knowing when to finish – and yes, dealing with the occasional heckler!
She spoke of the place of the ministry of the arts – something that has been on the periphery of my particular tradition but which is now enjoying a more central place as different Christian traditions blend and celebrate rich diversity.
The court jester, in medieval times, was often the one with keen powers of observation, witty commentary and sage advice. No wonder the sovereign kept him handy when the intrigues of court became dangerously complex.
Yep, could be a place for some sound stand-up comedy in church!
And if any members of my congregation are lurking on this, no promises – I’m just thinking out loud!