What does it mean to cede control to the Divine Other?

This is the question I didn’t address in this morning’s harangue based partly on Jacob’s nocturnal struggle with a mysterious strong man. I would have said that Jacob didn’t cede control to the divine being with whom he wrestled all night. He managed to extort a deal – only then did he release the mysteriousContinue reading “What does it mean to cede control to the Divine Other?”

Distraction Free Writing | The Daily Post at WordPress.com

WordPress, the patron of those of us who consented to be locked into writing something on our blogs everyday for 2011, suggests a range of tools that help prevent being disturbed while writing: Distraction Free Writing | The Daily Post at WordPress.com. I confess my distractions are not of the nature described in the article –Continue reading “Distraction Free Writing | The Daily Post at WordPress.com”

Celebrating the Cornish Pasty

It’s wet and windy in Perth today – good Cornish pasty weather for this bloke with some Cousin Jack in his veins. I saw a news blip that says that in the EU the name “Cornish pasty” can now only be given to pasties created in Cornwall. This made me wonder what alternative nomenclature couldContinue reading “Celebrating the Cornish Pasty”

Empathy in Norway – Eureka Street

Empathy in Norway – Eureka Street. As the shock of the Norway massacre begins to wear off, we look for discussion that is reflective rather than knee-jerkingly reactive.  I’ve found this essay a helpful place to begin – as much for the comments section as the main piece. The burden of the discourse carries aContinue reading “Empathy in Norway – Eureka Street”

Holy skulduggery

By the end of Genesis, one could be forgiven for thinking that the Divine only favors scoundrels. Jacob, already a fugitive from the consequences of fraudulent behaviour in impersonating his brother, Esau, is outdone by his prospective father-in-law, Laban, who passes the less desirable daughter, Leah, off as the promised bride, Rachel. Ultimately, Jacob scoresContinue reading “Holy skulduggery”

When the public is accountable

This article illustrates well the burden of my post yesterday: Consumers rule in Murdoch’s evil empire – Eureka Street. We (the general public) have far more access to the tools of journalism than we used to. No matter how amateurishly we wield them, the results carry great impact – for good or ill. The birth earlier thisContinue reading “When the public is accountable”