Religion & the Secular State

In the light of the current discussions on the nature of the “secular” in relation to religion in the public arena, particularly where government funding of religious programs in state schools is concerned, or even access of religious groups within the education system, it’s sometimes helpful to hear a voice from outside. See Thio Li-ann: ReligionContinue reading “Religion & the Secular State”

The Parable of the Abattoir Wall

This story told by an Aboriginal pastor illustrates well the connection between trusting relationships and truth as described in John 14:15-21, today’s gospel reading. The Parable of the Abattoir Wall For many years, the custom in one of the abattoirs had been to paint a coat of whitewash over the bloodstains on its walls.  ThisContinue reading “The Parable of the Abattoir Wall”

Churches where no wheelchairs go – Eureka Street

Here is a timely reminder for churches old and new: Churches where no wheelchairs go – Eureka Street. Universal access should be on the agenda of any community group that pursues compassion and hope as core values – and that surely includes church communities. It would be good for church board/ vestry/ management groups toContinue reading “Churches where no wheelchairs go – Eureka Street”

When saying and hearing “sorry” is hard work…

‘We need to forgive and be forgiven, every day, every hour — unceasingly. That is the great work of love among the fellowship of the weak that is the human family.’ Henri Nouwen Today is Sorry Day, which now commemorates and builds on the 2008 parliamentary apology to Australia’s indigenous people for past policies thatContinue reading “When saying and hearing “sorry” is hard work…”

Teach, don’t preach: how to do religion in schools – ABC Religion & Ethics – Opinion

I’ve made my own arguments along similar lines. Ronald Noone, chaplain at Melbourne Grammar, adds some interesting points that, in my view, have potential to de-polarise the debate and de-wedge the issue. Teach, don’t preach: how to do religion in schools – ABC Religion & Ethics – Opinion.

School chaplaincy – sacred or secular?

The wedge drives even deeper as the school chaplaincy debate continues. This morning’s Eureka Street article and the array of comments is illustrative. There was a time when “religious” and “secular” were complimentary terms, rather than opposed. Some of the rub off of this was seen in a letter in this morning’s West where anContinue reading “School chaplaincy – sacred or secular?”