Red Letter Christians » Love Wins: Rob Bell and the New Calvinists

A controversial book of the moment before it is even released is “Love Wins: a book about heaven, hell and the fate of every person who ever lived” by Rob Bell. Apparently it is creating a storm amongst the leading lights of the “emergent ” part of the Christian spectrum, with some condemning what they imagine the author says and others saying, “Hang on, who reviews a book on the basis of a publishers PR blurb anyway – and, should his views be more inclusive than you would like them to be, why the vehemence?”

Jumping into the fray is our old mate Jarrod McKenna, who is becoming a well known media commentator, and who reviews not so much the book, but the storm. I have seen his article pop up several times this week, most recently at Red Letter Christians » Love Wins: Rob Bell and the New Calvinists.

Nothing like a good controversy to get a book noticed. Must get a copy.

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