Kids learning violence – Eureka Street

Here’s a movie on the must see list for all who agonise over the culture of bullying and the immediate question of intervention in Libya. This review of Hævnen (In a better world) (Danish – English subtitles) gives some background: Kids learning violence – Eureka Street. Recent viral video clips of schoolyard bullying remind me ofContinue reading “Kids learning violence – Eureka Street”

Pressing another challenge

If you want to try out a promising exercise project, click on the link. I recently remarked that regularly completing “postaday”, challenging as it is, is easier than trying to maintain an exercise routine. Well, seems like someone overheard, ‘cos the WordPress mob want us to run 5km on April 12th. Seems like all their tech-headsContinue reading “Pressing another challenge”

Tackling Australia’s “Illegal Immigrant” mythology

One gets tired of battling the sound bites, but for the sake of the latest casualty, a 19 year old Afghan kid who could not stand or understand his detention any longer, I offer the following: Can you guess which is Australia’s graph line without looking at the legend? We are not being inundated. WeContinue reading “Tackling Australia’s “Illegal Immigrant” mythology”

Demonising the Greens – Eureka Street

Demonising the Greens – Eureka Street. This thoughtful article reflects some of the healthy tensions in my own church community comprising robust and articulate adherents across the whole range of the political spectrum. Having just entered a solar-energy package that benefits both our local church and its adherents through our environmental policy (and the pragmaticContinue reading “Demonising the Greens – Eureka Street”

Street party or PeaceChurch – why not both?

Both happen once in a blue moon. Must be a blue moon tonight ‘cos they clash. Our street Christmas party is late because this is the first Sunday we’re all here at the same time – yep, since Christmas 2010! PeaceChurch happens when we have something significant to process and that was scheduled for tonightContinue reading “Street party or PeaceChurch – why not both?”

Meet St. Photini, The Samaritan Woman

In correspondence with an Orthodox priest some years ago, I was fascinated to learn that the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman was well commemorated on her saint’s feast day. This gospel character that is often painted in misogynist terms from the pulpit is actually regarded by the ancient church as St Photini, “theContinue reading “Meet St. Photini, The Samaritan Woman”

Never say die ’til a dead horse kicks you!

The annual family ritual gets under way – but without three of us right now because of teething problems with our ISP. We (at least my long suffering brother – g’day Al) kept a manual Excel chart of the 20 or so rounds with weekly and cumulative results. Each Friday we’d email our picks toContinue reading “Never say die ’til a dead horse kicks you!”

WordPress smiles upon me…

How good is this? The only day I couldn’t post because of no access to ISP server at my end, I post a retrospective post today – daring postaday2011  to include it without penalty – then, while reading my email backlog, I come across this unsolicited gift of grace from WordPress… Everyone gets a passContinue reading “WordPress smiles upon me…”

Surviving without internet (yesterday’s post!)

Easy-peasy – opportunity to clear the desk and the other backlogs. Let me just clear some meeting dates first – uh, no access to calendar. Well, how about ordering that printer ink that’s due – oh, can’t logon to supplier. OK, I need to get that info on the solar panels – darn, web pageContinue reading “Surviving without internet (yesterday’s post!)”

Speaking (or Blogging) too soon

That will teach me. Brag about posting every day and approaching day 80 and my internet goes down! won’t be up until the end of the week. Who would have thought swapping an ISP belonging to the same company could be so complicated. Anyway, made it today with this gripe having found a wifi hotspotContinue reading “Speaking (or Blogging) too soon”