If Darwin Prayed – Evolutionary spirituality and the path of Christ — Prayers for Evolutionary Mystics

Looking forward to meeting the author, Bruce Sanguin, as he conducts a workshop at Dayspring, Saturday March 5th, and service and forum the next day at Wembley Downs Uniting Church.

In the prologue of “If Darwin Prayed” he writes:

My concern, however, is not with the fundamentalist strain of Christianity. Rather, it is with the liberal and so-called “progressive” Christians. We, who accept—and even celebrate—the scientific method and its findings, have been slow to incorporate the evolutionary nature of reality into our theology and liturgy.We do not know conclusively if Darwin lost his faith because of his discovery. We do know that the theological models available to him were limited. There is no reason for the science of evolution and the theology of Christianity to occupy separate domains. We do not need to choose between the two, as recent scientific materialists like Richard Dawkins claim we must. Science and theology represent two different ways of knowing—one focussed on the exterior dimensions of reality and one that includes the physical world but also validates, celebrates,and develops the interior, nonmaterial realm of human experience.

See more of who he is and what he does at If Darwin Prayed – Evolutionary spirituality and the path of Christ — Prayers for Evolutionary Mystics.

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