Back to school – or school at home?

To home school or not? Today’s article in Eureka Street discusses its benefits against a constrained and competitive school system. We are long past our child’s school days, but we had to work hard to ensure his particular needs were met through the public system. The argument seems to be that home-schooling provides a moreContinue reading “Back to school – or school at home?”

True Grit – a Review

I don’t know if the Coen brothers intended it, but their remake of the 1968 Charles Portis novel made famous by John Wayne plays out like the conflicted symbiosis of  Freud’s id, ego and superego. The self-assured 14 year old Mattie (Hailee Steinfeld) confidently represents the ego – self-aware and able to negotiate what sheContinue reading “True Grit – a Review”

Australia & the World Pray for the UK & Ireland

Many countries deserve our thoughtful prayers from week to week and we are certainly mindful of the dramatic events affecting millions of people in Egypt right now. Focused attention on troubled and changing regions does not deplete a disciplined and planned approach to prayer, however. Ireland and the  United Kingdom comprising England, Northern Ireland, Scotland,Continue reading “Australia & the World Pray for the UK & Ireland”

Would the Beatitudes work in Egypt?

The famous opening lines of Matthew’s account of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount come up this Sunday. (Matthew 5:1-12). Contextually, they form the foundation of the manifesto for “the Kingdom of Heaven” that is at hand and announced successively by John the Baptist and Jesus. More contemporary language might replace “Kingdom” terms with the “all-pervadingContinue reading “Would the Beatitudes work in Egypt?”

Wondering about Wisdom

For my edification, I am reading Stephen S Hall, Wisdom: from philosophy to neuroscience.(University of Queensland Press, 2010). As a science writer, the author is particularly keen to explore potential new insights provided by the emerging neurosciences without jettisoning  more conventional understandings of wisdom. In fact, he conjectures, wisdom is a phenomenon that cannot really be graspedContinue reading “Wondering about Wisdom”

We acknowledge Aboriginal Australia

Today I join many others in saluting the first nations of our land. An excellent coloured poster size map (small or large) depicting the language, tribal and nation groups of Australian Indigenous peoples is available for purchase from the Australian Institute of Aborigine and Torres Strait Islander Studies. The map does not claim precision, butContinue reading “We acknowledge Aboriginal Australia”

Something Oprah missed …

… on her pilgrimage Down Under. The joys of beach cricket at twilight on Matilda Bay, Perth. Mild summer’s day, gentle breeze, the gathering of several generations, shared goodies to eat, ambient conversation, bocce, paddling and cricket. A great way to kick off the year as several churches gather to share this annual event.

Teaching disciples to suck eggs

Some may find it strange to be talking to veteran congregations about discipleship, as today’s texts lead me. Most have been making the journey a lot longer than I have, and I’m getting a bit long in the tooth. Yet, once again I will address what I have come to call the magnetic summons ofContinue reading “Teaching disciples to suck eggs”

The Summons

This Sunday’s text (Matthew 4:12-23) considers the magnetic call of Jesus of Nazareth to those around him – a summons that has extended down the centuries with ever-increasing pulling power. This is one of our favourite songs at Wembley Downs. I love the lyrics! It’s by John Bell of the Iona Community in Scotland andContinue reading “The Summons”