Port Power – on and upwards!

This is how all the Eagles fans in my congregation will be greeted this morning. They were merciless last week, anticipating a huge knockdown in last night’s NAB cup. It was a knockdown all right – but the other way – 78 points! As much as  I rant against tribalism, I can’t expunge Port AdelaideContinue reading “Port Power – on and upwards!”

That’s worth taking on!

Lent is not a customary observance within the tradition of Christian formation that nurtured me. But I have come to it much in latter years. There is something very powerful about being caught up in the re-enactment of the Christian festivals and fasts that tell our story year after year. Contrary to the popularised ideaContinue reading “That’s worth taking on!”

Dancing the Enneagram

Jenny and I took in the Festival of Perth production of “Happy as Larry”, a contemporary dance devised by Shaun Parker and inspired by the themes of the enneagram, an ancient system used today in personality profiling and spiritual direction. As someone who has worked with the enneagram over many years, I was particularly interestedContinue reading “Dancing the Enneagram”

Taxing against Climate Change

Neither Prime Minister Rudd nor Opposition Leader Abbot sponsor policies that deal adequately with climate change challenges. Inevitably, the politics of funding gets in the way. A Eureka Street article by Peter Hodge points to a possible solution called the “Tobin Tax” – a tax on foreign currency transactions. “Set at a tiny 0.005 perContinue reading “Taxing against Climate Change”

This morning it worked…

My flock and I have been experimenting a little lately with “mutual mentoring” – something that Paul’s theology of the church says we ought to be good at. Reprising Eugene Peterson’s “Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work” as a framework, we use the Revised Common Lectionary, our source for Sunday’s readings, as a guide to reflectContinue reading “This morning it worked…”