Wembley Downs shops. Signs of things to come…?

  One year and one month after the fire that took out our local shops, and 13 months after expressions of an anticipated rebuilding and re-opening for this Christmas, the site is looking pretty bleak. The tremendous welling of community support and comfort for those who had lost livelihoods and a community meeting place haveContinue reading “Wembley Downs shops. Signs of things to come…?”

Yes – Christians & Muslims can Pro-exist!

So claimed Toby Keva, Uniting Church student minister who grew up in Indonesia. Toby was one of two key note speakers at this afternoon’s interfaith dialogue Can Christians and Muslims Co-exist in the Modern World. Toby contended that his own experience answered this question where, even in the face of sporadic violence in his homeContinue reading “Yes – Christians & Muslims can Pro-exist!”