Listening Journeys

It’s over twelve months since the Australian nation passed an important milestone – the beginning of a process of reconciliation with ¬†Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with a formal act of apology for the government’s role in formulating and pursuing policies that led to the phenomenon of the Stolen Generations. Prime Minister Rudd’s words ofContinue reading “Listening Journeys”

Gimlets, Raspberry Jam, Sugar Gums and York Gums

These are the species of tree we planted yesterday at Yaraandoo, a rural property and permaculture farm near Toodyay, about an hour’s drive from Perth. “Not endemic to the area,” we were told. In fact these trees are specific to the the abutting northern region, but changing climate may see them move southward. The exerciseContinue reading “Gimlets, Raspberry Jam, Sugar Gums and York Gums”