Riding the Atheist Bus

There’s a little bit of a storm in the Old Dart over the  British Humanist Association advertising campaign that has a fleet of London buses carrying the slogan “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”  See BBC news story here. This has sparked off a blog war (based on responses such as here and here)Continue reading “Riding the Atheist Bus”

“Illegals” no more!

Media Release from SafeCom West Australian Daily sets national tone on ‘Illegals Tag’ “The West Australian, WA Newspapers’ flagship, is setting the tone for the nation in the new year by firmly committing itself to scrutinise and edit Letters to the Editor so no references to “illegals”, “illegal immigrants” or “illegal refugees” will make itContinue reading ““Illegals” no more!”

Christian fantasy – legitimate endeavour?

This is not actually another book review – but a reflection provoked by Beckwood Brae, the first of a series by new Australia author, David H. Webb (High Way, 2008).  David and I had contact through mutual interests on LibraryThing (you can see my and others’ reviews there) and I learned that his passion is to assistContinue reading “Christian fantasy – legitimate endeavour?”

Some books I’ve been reading…

Here’s two I’ve managed to complete in the Christmas New Year lull…  The other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson (Chatto & Windus, London, 2006) The tragic outcomes of sibling rivalry span two generations in a remote Canadian farming community – not too remote to be unaffected by unfolding world events such as theContinue reading “Some books I’ve been reading…”