Movie Review: Frost/Nixon

I was in my early twenties during the Nixon years, and being half a world away, was only vaguely aware of the implications of the Watergate scandal. Thirty years later, having viewed Frost/Nixon, I recognise having gained a certain amount of understanding through hindsight.  The film takes some dramatic license as it describes some behind the scenesContinue reading “Movie Review: Frost/Nixon”

Trish travels to Nazareth in the name of peace

Trish supervising in our church kitchen News from the Middle East is not all that good right now as Hamas and Israel hammer at each other again. But we’re in the business of celebrating small candles that light the way in the darkness. Nazareth Hospital is one such candle – a Christian place of healingContinue reading “Trish travels to Nazareth in the name of peace”

The colossal carbon trading rip-off

Been quietly seething about the damp squib of a carbon trading scheme offered by our PM this week – 5% reduction by 2020 is a flea-kick. Then there’s a transparently deceptive attempt to get us all to put our shoulder behind the wheel to reduce it further. Scott Vawser spells it out here.  *sigh* –Continue reading “The colossal carbon trading rip-off”

Christmas breaks in…

… see what I mean? There’s kind of a Mexican stand-off between Advent and Christmas observance. We had our annual community Christmas party last night – barbecue followed by games and carol-singing.   I used the epilogue to tell a story about “the angel in a gum tree”, sneaking in a flog for the ChristmasContinue reading “Christmas breaks in…”

‘Tis the Season to be Fasting…

… fa lalala la, lala la la!   I usually feel like King Canute at this time of the year – raising my arms, seeking to hold back the relentless tide of Christmas festivities washing tsunami like over the beaches of Advent – the “little Lent” –  the season of preparation, reflection and fasting. MyContinue reading “‘Tis the Season to be Fasting…”