“Australia” the Movie – Kitsch or Epic?

No doubt about it – this reviewer has mixed reactions to Australia, the movie. The characters and plot devices are exaggerated caricatures of all that has been classic in cinematography and depictions of this land. At one level it comes across as a kind of “Gone with the Wind Down Under” – and in the meantimeContinue reading ““Australia” the Movie – Kitsch or Epic?”

Economic Rationalism – A Radical Reading of the Parable of the Talents

See Matthew 25:14-30. Never liked this one much – probably because as a self-perceived “one talent” person I have always seen the third guy as hardly done by. But what if we read the story differently from the traditional morality tale, “protestant work ethic” approach? What if we heard this story through the ears ofContinue reading “Economic Rationalism – A Radical Reading of the Parable of the Talents”