Labyrinth – a pathway to encounter with God.

A bit slack today – installed new church PA system and laid down a labyrinth in the church forecourt. What is a labyrinth? For many it conjures images of the Minotaur of ancient Crete – half man and half bull, consuming young Greek captives left to wander in a maze of dark undergoround tunnels.  WhileContinue reading “Labyrinth – a pathway to encounter with God.”

Demolition begins – what of the future?

A strange silence has descended on this once thriving street. Once it was busy with cars and delivery trucks as well as pedestrian traffic – neighbours walking dogs, skateboarders, children buying after school snacks, “golden girls” meeting for coffee – now there’s nobody. Even an advocate of silence, like myself, finds the silence is tooContinue reading “Demolition begins – what of the future?”

A community laments, remembers and hopes

Photos courtesy Brian Hills  [click each to enlarge] About 400 people gathered this afternoon to share in a process of community affirmation and support following the loss of the Wembley Downs Shopping Centre by fire seven days ago. A short simple ceremony invited each person to hold a rock and to imagine it absorbing sorrowContinue reading “A community laments, remembers and hopes”

From the ashes the phoenix…

  The community is beginning to rally. There have been very positive expressions to the proposal outlined below and which is being distributed, as I write, throughout the district. Compassion for one another – neighbour for neighbour, customer for trader, trader for customer has been working it’s way through the community. The annual District Fair tomorrow willContinue reading “From the ashes the phoenix…”

Fire aftermath

LAMENT HOPE These two signs hang on the fence surrounding the charred remains of our local shopping centre. One expresses the deep sorrow of the community, the other is a pointer to the community spirit that will carry us  on. Both lament and hope need to find expression and it is my desire that weContinue reading “Fire aftermath”

Burn after Reading: Review

Well, it’s a Coen Brothers production, and that generally means it will be different. I went along to this with heart in mouth because we had recommended it as a high school chaplaincy fund-raiser. Many of the people I was with were senior genteel church folk, and, since booking the theatre, intelligence was coming inContinue reading “Burn after Reading: Review”

Local shops destroyed by fire

Our local shops have been very handy to us – just across the road from where we live. More than that, however, they were the hub of the Wembley Downs community. As I write, the street is full of emergency vehicles while the ashes are hosed down. The crowds have dwindled now and the heartbreakingContinue reading “Local shops destroyed by fire”

A quick lesson on how the Stock Exchange works

I’ve seen this before, but it seems the time is right to put it out there again. Once upon a time, in a village, a man appeared and announced to the villagers that he would buy monkeys for $10 each. The villagers, seeing that there were many monkeys around, went out to the forest andContinue reading “A quick lesson on how the Stock Exchange works”

Blogging against Poverty – Blog Action Day

Ever wondered what more you can do about world poverty? It’s a bit like the kid throwing beached starfish back into the ocean – not a hope of saving the thousands of stranded ones so why bother at all – what difference does it make? “It makes a difference to this one,” he says, chuckingContinue reading “Blogging against Poverty – Blog Action Day”