Post Convention Reflections

Los Angeles World Convention is an odd animal – difficult to categorise. One passport screener asked whether I was here for business or pleasure. Those who know me well know that I rarely give black & white answers – it’s just not in my make up. I said I’m here for a convention. He saidContinue reading “Post Convention Reflections”

Campbell Country

At last a hot spot at Nashville Airport where the homeland security guard is so friendly he says “Pass right on through, Dennis!” It’s still a few hours before my flight to LA, so I’ll just upload my journal re the journey through Campbell stamping grounds – Travelling east through the plains of Ohio, weContinue reading “Campbell Country”

A platypus at Otter Creek

Otter Creek Church of Christ was one of a number of Nashville churches that graciously hosted World Convention visitors today. The church is an adherent of the a capella tradition, but for the last ten years has worked diligently in promoting healing of the divisions within the Stone-Campbell movement. One leader wryly observed that theyContinue reading “A platypus at Otter Creek”

Don’t forget where your umbilical cord is buried…

Sound advice to young men leaving an African village to make their fortune abroad. Umbilical cords were interred in the ancestral burial grounds – a permanent reminder of roots, belonging and identity. The closing day of convention centred on the place where the metaphorical umbilical cord of adherents of the Stone-Campbell movement, indeed all ChristiansContinue reading “Don’t forget where your umbilical cord is buried…”

Brazil in 2012

Tonight, acceptance of the invitation from our churches in Brazil to hold the 2012 Convention there was accepted with acclamation. Under normal circumstances, Zimbabwe, the home of incoming president, B. J. Mpofu, would have been the country of choice, but the current situation makes this difficult. No doubt we will hear more of arrangements asContinue reading “Brazil in 2012”


Get ready for the Great Communion of 2009 – the Bicentennial of the document that is regarded by many as the foundation of the Restoration Movement (Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and Address. It is also the centennial of the split in the movement that became formal when the US Census of 1909 listed Churches of ChristContinue reading “1809-1909-2009”

More Aussie Awards at Nashville

Tonight the Garfield and Grace Todd Awards were offered to Sonny and Fran Graham for their life work amongst aboriginal people, to Ash and Angie Barker, founders of Urban Neighbourhoods of Hope (UNOH), and to Neville and Lil Muir for their work with International Deaf Ministry. Dr Philemon Paur of Dhond Hospital in India alsoContinue reading “More Aussie Awards at Nashville”

African Worship

I took a deep breath and plunged into the African experience this morning. There is no such thing as observing an African worship service. You have to participate. Led by delegates from Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Zimbabwe, about 80 people took part in the singing and dabncing prayers. The vibrant, soul-tugging worship had this rationalContinue reading “African Worship”

Day 2 at WCCC

The day begins with a choice of six different worship centres, Disciples, a capella, contemporary, African, Hispornic and Spanish. I choose Disciples which features the Gender Road Disciples Church Choir, gowned and swinging with a mix of classical and soul music. Later, the plenary bible study is led by Rhonda Lowry, an a capella memberContinue reading “Day 2 at WCCC”