Book Review: There, Where the Pepper Grows

¬†Bem Le Hunte, There, Where the Pepper Grows, (HarperCollins, 2005) is a compelling read, tracing the story told by protagonist Benjamin, a Polish Jew who, fleeing Nazi¬†occupation with wife and childhood sweetheart (circumstances of wartime survival inform us these are not the same person), ends up in Calcutta. Here, with attendant complications, they make theirContinue reading “Book Review: There, Where the Pepper Grows”

Barton Stone rocks!

Some of you already know that each post here can have “tags” (single words describing the nature of the content – usually found at the end of each post). I’ve been a bit slack in the past, not bothering with them. Here, I find that I can take a tag, something like “Restoration Movement”, clickContinue reading “Barton Stone rocks!”

New links

I’ve just updated some links in the sidebar to the left, mostly around the Stone-Campbell theme. I find I’m talking in terms of “Stone-Campbell” rather than “restoration movement” these days, as the latter term can be and often is misconstrued. As ever, it is a meeting with individuals who engage the challenges of their timeContinue reading “New links”

Does green have a dark side?

I occasionally post “sustainable energy” news clips to the PeaceChurch mailing list, particularly where the church in Australia is adding something to the debate. Responses are inevitably mixed – no less earlier this week when I posted the following: Some 40 religious leaders (including Churches of Christ, as well as leaders from Muslim, Jewish, Hindu,Continue reading “Does green have a dark side?”

Now here’s a good link to a WCCC summary

Trust the Disciples to put up a succinct yet pithy summary of World Convention that takes us onto the next step – preparing for the “Great Communion.’ See their site here. You will also find a link to a slide show of convention highlights there. My own pictures are on Flickr, albeit with restricted access.Continue reading “Now here’s a good link to a WCCC summary”

Cooling my heels at LAX

Arrived at LA airport about noon. The plane for Changi leaves in 13 hours so plenty of time to cool my heels – reading, blogging, waiting to check my bag in. A deaf bloke circulates the tables selling pens and little stars & stripes badges. I buy one of each. Shortly after the PA systemContinue reading “Cooling my heels at LAX”

Giving thanks where its due

A number of delegates to the convention were impressed when I said that I was present largely through the largesse of my home congregation at Wembley Downs. So this would be a good spot to say thanks to folk like John & Margaret Somerville and Ken Patterson and my church board and elders who proddedContinue reading “Giving thanks where its due”