Four days away

Sunday Lectio – reading the signs. Cold sores, conjunctivitis, and mild depression reassured me that I was long overdue for some down time. In spite of (or maybe because of) reaching some heart-felt goals, I had been feeling rundown and lethargic for a few weeks. I booked a cabin at Dwellingup, an old wood-cutting communityContinue reading “Four days away”

"Increase Our Faith!" – a realistic demand?

A Church Anniversary Sermon Luke 17: 5-10 Some are saying the monks of Myanmar are no more. The saffron revolution is over. The dream of these peace-loving clerics was that they might act as a conciliatory go-between for the impoverished population and the brutal military junta that has reigned for over a decade. Today monasteriesContinue reading “"Increase Our Faith!" – a realistic demand?”