Thinking Christology now and then – another symposium reflection

Again, I only caught a part of this presentation. Stephen Curkpatrick never fails to give me a bone to take away and gnaw. Stephen has a particular gift with terminology that can, at the same time, irritate and open up fresh pathways of conceptual understanding. The gist of his presentation was to compare and assessContinue reading “Thinking Christology now and then – another symposium reflection”

Ecumenism & Churches of Christ – a CCTC Symposium Reflection

Working together into the future: ecumenism and Churches of Christ I missed the earlier presentations on identity and the Restoration Movement, but suspect that these would have been related to the kinds of conundrums that were inevitably raised here. The questions were not new but were arising in fresh contexts. How does a movement suchContinue reading “Ecumenism & Churches of Christ – a CCTC Symposium Reflection”

Captain’s Log

Day 1 Fair sailing along the Mundaring –Kalgoorlie Pipeline, then to Norseman. Traversing dry wheat country where the signs of encroaching salt are ominous, then the goldfields. Coolgardie, with its wide streets and grand buildings, is practically a ghost town these days – 750 kms Day 2 Swift passage through a lonely stretch to Eucla.Continue reading “Captain’s Log”