This Blog is One Year Old!!

This experiment is now up for its annual performance review. 1. The blog has provoked mild interest amongst acquaintances and some unknown “anonymi” 2. It’s been one place for me to think out loud in a public arena 3. I pulled one post when it became too politically sensitive 4. It has generated a littleContinue reading “This Blog is One Year Old!!”

Jindabyne the movie

Take a short story from the USA and convert it to Aussie cinema and something like Jindabyne appears. Raymond Carver’s So Much Water So Close To Home underwent some changes to become Ray Lawrence’s dramatic depiction of a community’s response to the thoughtless and apathetic actions of four fishing mates who discover a corpse inContinue reading “Jindabyne the movie”

Well, well, well!

The challenge to the church was to raise $4000 to sink a well in the remote drought stricken hinterlands of Zimbabwe. Individuals and groups set about to devise their fund-raising schemes. Our resident artist devised a working model that would show week by week how far the bore had sunk towards the water table farContinue reading “Well, well, well!”