It’s the name of a book by Murray Bail that I’m reading at the moment. It’s also what the stand of tuarts around the church are saying after this morning’s loppings – “You clipped us!” (Sorry, can’t help it!). Tuarts are a very hardy species of eucalyptus, peculiar to this part of Australia. Bail’s bookContinue reading “Eucalyptus”

Grand Opening of Universal WC

A little piece of doggerel to commemorate the opening of a universal WC at the Wembley Downs Church of Christ Now its here! Now its done! A toilet that all can access – the halt and the lame, the gent and the dame may “go” with all speedy success. “Let’s have a grand opening!” theContinue reading “Grand Opening of Universal WC”

World Cup vs World Vision?

How many Aussies will be late for work tomorrow having stayed up in the still small hours to watch the Socceroo-Croatia contest? And now this from World cup anti-poverty advert is banned The UK Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre has banned an advert by a Christian relief agency which contrasts the £49 million it hasContinue reading “World Cup vs World Vision?”

World Cup Blues

Members of my congregation were somewhat exercised that Brazil appeared on yesterday’s list for intercessions under the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle. Within 14 hours, Australia’s Socceroos were due to play Brazil, the top contenders for the World Cup. How do you intercede for a nation with which one’s own is in contest, even only recreationally? WeContinue reading “World Cup Blues”