A good read

How does Christian faith, based on a unique revelation, relate to other world faiths? Depending on one’s comfort zone, this might be experienced as either a stimulating question on the one hand, or irritating and threatening on the other. Within the Christian confession, there is widely accepted typology of three dominant views set out byContinue reading “A good read”

Synchronicity strikes again!

I was at a planning meeting today where the lyrics of this song were posited as evidence of the contemporary individual’s inner search for meaning (“Wake me up inside”). At the end of the day, when I opened my e-mail, there were the same lyrics in a message from halfway around the world, part ofContinue reading “Synchronicity strikes again!”

Kairos and chronos – finding the door to Narnia

A certain large cat, witch and article of household furniture continue to hold their own at the box office. The jury is still out on whether C.S. Lewis intended The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as an allegory or even analogy of the Christian kerygma. Be that as it may, I find some compellingContinue reading “Kairos and chronos – finding the door to Narnia”

Incarnation strikes retail hub

I ventured into Perth’s CBD this morning, on leave from my pulpit and looking for a church service to sneak into. For the first time, I saw the new street decorations, unashamedly and unabashedly telling the story of the Incarnation, from the Annunciation through to the Flight to Egypt. The replicas of medieval paintings enthralledContinue reading “Incarnation strikes retail hub”