Is King’s Park a thin place?

I led a group of theologs in addressing this question earlier this week. King’s Park is a popular tourist spot overlooking Perth. It contains a large number of hectares of natural bushland, the state war memorial, botanic gardens and picnic areas. It is a place of great spiritual significance to the Noongar people. Our particularContinue reading “Is King’s Park a thin place?”

What are weasel words then?

Don Watson, author of Death Sentence of the English Language, has published Watson’s Dictionary of Weasel Words: contemporary cliches, cant and management jargon. Like a weasel sucking the yolk from an egg while leaving the shell intact, the champions of “weasel words” suck the meaning out of a word. I received my 2006 diary fromContinue reading “What are weasel words then?”

How would the great commandment sound in weasel-wordese?

Perhaps something like this: “Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest?” “Persons shall adopt measures of high positive regard to the primal executive consultant with maximised internal resources, including all material and notional sources of motivation, and all intellectual capital. This is the prime and initial directive. In addition, a non-primal directive carriesContinue reading “How would the great commandment sound in weasel-wordese?”

Saying What I Mean

This has always been a challenge – finding the words to say what my mind is churning over at a very rapid rate! This is when it’s so easy to lapse into jargon. And the reason I’m thinking about this is because of another strange conjunction of several episodes today – another instance of synchronicityContinue reading “Saying What I Mean”

Reckless Generosity

I like this quote from Dorothy Day: “To attack poverty by preaching voluntary poverty seems like madness. But again, it is direct action….To be profligate in our love and generosity, spontaneous, to cut all the red tape of bureaucracy! The more you give away, the more the Lord will give you to give. It isContinue reading “Reckless Generosity”