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CSIRO scientists have established a raw data page to counter accusations that their work is “not real science” – see it at aptly named Cape Grim Data.

I guess it is very difficult to communicate objective, uninterpreted information when the population is caught up in an emotive and political ideological storm surrounding the proposed carbon emissions tax scheme. Anything that supports or detracts from the other side’s argument becomes ammunition for hyperbole and innuendo and those who drift by the cross-hairs become fair game.

Kudos to the CSIRO scientists for making the attempt.

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  1. I’m interested in reading the accusations that CSIRO’s work is “not real science” – do you have a link of some sort?

    Of course that page is useful for showing the man-made increase in greenhouse gasses, but even the climate deniers don’t try and pretend that CO2 hasn’t risen. They just deny the causal link between greenhouse gas increases and global average temperature.


  2. These are accusations I most commonly come across in forums and conversations on climate change. Because of the CSIRO’s prominence, they seem to get caught up in the broad sweep of the rhetoric. There is an article on the ABC Drum at that explores some confusion around the CSIRO endorsement of Earth System Science and the more esoteric Gaia hypothesis that is mistakenly assigned to them. The plethora of comments that follow seem to reinforce the confusion.

    Certainly the Cape Grim Data site does not address causal links. You’d be surprised, however, at the number who even now deny rise in carbon levels and overall climate warming on the basis of a snap of cold weather!


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